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Become part of our selected network of entrepreneurs and investors

Supporting young companies is an important task for the common good – and can be provided by experienced entrepreneurs and managers. As a business angel, you not only invest capital, but also expertise and contacts in the ideas of tomorrow – today.

Become part of our club now and benefit from many advantages.

Tired of searching? The following links will take you directly to the areas that are important for you as a business angel.

That is why BACB is the right network for you as a Business Angel

  • Access to new ideas. Through the BACB, you will get to know a variety of founders and market-changing ideas and technologies.
  • Access to innovation and research. You benefit from the BACB’s excellent contacts to universities and research organisations.
  • Access to an exclusive network. At the BACB you are part of a unique competence network of founders, experts and talents.
  • Access to our expertise. We have model contracts and tried and tested procedures in the investment process.


Business Angel


  • personalized business cards
  • Participation in all club events
  • Access to BACB network
  • Information access to new media, technologies, innovations, amongst other things as part of the “BAC Academy”
  • Mention on the website and on Social Media
  • Access to external events in the start-up scene
Business Angels Company


  • Publication of the logo on the website and link to your company
  • Presentation of your organization on the website and on Social Media
  • Participation of two company representatives at all BACB events
  • Every year you can present up to six start-up projects in the BACB, which are supported by your company
Business Angel Partner

on request

  • “Commercial” use of the BACB network in coordination with BACB office
  • integrated press release (once a year)
  • Participation in the BACB annual meeting, including taking over a part of the program
  • Guest participation of business angels in working groups of the business angel partner
  • BACB provides the “BAC Academy” once a year for the partners

It is our passion to support young companies with experience, hard work and capital.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Didn't find the answer to your question? Click here for the extensive FAQ page. There we answered many questions about business angels, financing and funding.

The Business Angels Club supports entrepreneurial activity in order to actively help shape a constantly renewing, livable society with attractive jobs, products and services. The Business Angels Club and its members work as volunteer mentors for innovative, growth-oriented companies with a scalable business concept.

You are committed to an open, transparent handling of the companies presented in the club and network. A fair dealings with entrepreneurs and founders are just as much a part of the self-image as the equal and collaborative acting of the individual club members in the care of founders.

As part of the mentorship and for the duration of the support projects, the business angels work free of charge, do not initiate any commission business, do not recruit founders / entrepreneurs as clients or clients, and do not mediate clients.

As a rule, business angels participate with equity investments. For this they receive shares in the company.

Loans are rare and are mainly given to bridge difficult business situations or to pre-finance goods.

A typical business angel investment starts at € 10,000 and is less common at € 50,000. Our median is € 25,000 per investment.

Super Angels invest between € 100,000 and € 500,000 per startup, usually they only get involved in seed rounds comparable to venture capitalists.

The matching event is our main event at which 3-4 of the pre-checked startups have the opportunity to present their business concepts to our business angels and network partners. For many business angels, their first contact to the startups takes place here.

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